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Connect with nature and experience it.

Would you believe that how many people feel the nature exactly? Only 1%. We are all made from nature but we don’t respect the nature. Why?

Please do respect the nature to clean and feel the nature.

1. Feel the rain (Every drop of the water in the rain make you feel so good to relax from any type of stress. Once think how exactly its work with your body. We all know that the power of nature is amazing.)

2. Continuously look at the tree in the morning (Trees, How play an important role in our life. The nature of the trees is very simple to provide us the fresh air. So why we don’t stop to cut them. Sit in the morning and see the tree and their leafs, they do their work perfectly for us. You feel the relax and motivated if you truly observe the functionality of the tree. )

3. Feel the air in the morning (Just feel the air in the morning, how it touch the tree leafs and your whole body. You feel alive and so cool.)

4. Sit near by any river in night (And tell me that what you get the experience). If you do something like that, I am 100% sure that you will become true lover of the nature. The sound of river water in the silent and the flow of river water are so amazing. Also you do the observe that water is transparent and you can see the river surface.

5. See the moon and the stars in the night.

6. Sit in the park and talk with yourself and observe that is any over thinking in your mind?

7. Help the person who is really need of your help and worth your born to become a great human being.

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